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What movie genre is your life?

L’ho preso da ( taken from ):

[x] You’ve had the same boyfriend all through high school till now
[ ] You’ve fallen in love with your best friend (and him/her has fallen as well)
[ ] Danielle Steel novels are your favourite
[ ] You’ve had a secret admirer before
[ ] Your favorite kiss is the jumping on someone and kissing them deeply
[x] You love flowers
[ ] You like pop and country
[ ] You dream about the perfect wedding
[ ] Red or pink are one of your favorite colours (the colour of the heart)
[ ] You’ve had a guy friend/boyfriend paint your toenails before for you
[ ] You base who you’ll date on how they compare to romance movies/novels
[ ] Someone you never thought would fall for you has fallen for you before.
Total: 2

[ ] You’re well known as being a ditz
[x] You are or were the class clown
[ ] You don’t go a day without laughing
[ ] You’ve embarassed yourself in front of a large group of people
[ ] You’re not a very serious person
[x] You crack jokes all the time
[ ] People say you’re really hyper.
[ ] Dane Cook is a silly bitch!
[x] You like to pull pranks on people
[x] You always find the funny part of things
[ ] Your life isn’t perfectly planned out
[ ] Your the “spur” of the moment type person
Total: 4

[ ] You’ve spread a rumor about a friend/someone else
[ ] Someone has spread a rumour about you
[x] You’re very emotional
[ ] Theres lots of twists in your life
[x] You’re pessimistic
[x] You LOVE to get revenge
[x] You always need to get to the bottom of things
[x] If someone said something about you, you’d confront them about it
[ ] You like to/or have friends in big groups
[ ] You can’t keep secrets
[x] People tell you not to be too serious all the time
[x] You’ve cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend before
Total: 7

[x] You have some form of disorder/illness
[ ] You’ve lost more than 4 people in your family/friends to death
[ ] You’ve been suicidal before
[ ] You cry a lot
[ ] You’re always listening to sad music
[x] You feel like everyone is always against you
[ ] The unexpected makes you nervous
[ ] You like to bully/pick on other people
[ ] Someone getting hurt amuses you
[ ] You screw up a lot, or at least feel like you do.
[x] People always seem to let you down.
Total: 3

[ ] You have very vivid/scary dreams.
[x] Scaring people is fun
[ ] You’ve witnessed a murder/someone dying.
[ ] You always feel like someone is watching you
[ ] You LOVE being scared.
[x] Horror movies are your favourite.
[x] You’d like to be a ghost watcher/finder.
[x] Vampires are so cool!
[x] Loud screaming music is your thing.
[x] You’re a very timid person (get scared easily)
[x] When the phone rings, you always expect the worst.
Total: 7

[x] You have good morals
[ ] You’re still a virgin
[ ] You believe in marriage before sex
[x] You like black and white better than color
[ ] You like dressing up really fancy
[x] You think guys should still hold doors open for you
[x] Men should approach women.
[x] Marriage is something that should be taken very seriously, and for the long haul, no matter what happens.
[ ] You wear very little makeup
[ ] You’re music taste is very 60’s/70’s and 80’s.
Total: 5

[x] You’re always on the move
[x] You always start fist fights
[x] You’ve wished to be some sort of super hero before.
[ ] You like watching/taping fights
[ ] Wrestling is one of your favorite things to watch
[ ] You’ve always got a comeback to something someone has said.
[ ] You think you’re tough
[x] The unexpected excites you.
[ ] You’re very daring
[ ] You’ve been bungee jumping/or would go bungee jumping.
[ ] You’ve survived something tragic.
Total: 4

[ ] You’re always thinking about sex
[ ] You’re very kinky
[ ] Sex is okay without loving someone
[x] Sex is fun, anytime of the day.
[x] You’ve done more than 5 sexual positions
[x] It’s all about foreplay!
[ ] Screw kissing, let’s just get to it!
[x] You’ve been tied up
[ ] You’ve had more than one partner at the same time during intercourse.
[x] You have songs that you put on to get “in the mood”
[x] You’ve had one of your biggest sexual fantasies fufilled
Total: 6

[ ] You express yourself through some form of dancing
[ ] You’re always breaking out into song
[ ] People can tell what mood you’re in by the type of music you’re listening to
[x] People tell you that you’re pretty random most of the time
[ ] You’re always smiling
[x] You’re very dramatic
[x] You like to dress up
[ ] You hope to become an actor/actress
[ ] You love to dance!
[x] You’re good at doing impersonations.
[x] You over exaggerate a lot.
Total: 5

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